Reach 4 Real Adaptive Music Programs: Acton Rec. Oct. 22nd.

Group music and theater classes for those with developmental and intellectual disabilities 
starting Thursday, October 22nd!
6:00-7:00 PM Elementary – Jr. High
7:05-8:05 PM High School – Adult
Oct 22nd – Dec 17th
Council on Aging Center
50 Audobon Hill Rd. Acton, MA
Reach 4 Real Adaptive Music Programs is a music & theater program for people with developmental and intellectual disabilities. The goal of Reach 4 Real is to enhance the life experience of people with needs through music enrichment.
Students Will:
● Collaborate to write songs in pop/ musical theater style, and then stage, choreograph, and deliver an exciting live performance for friends, family, and the general public.
● Other aspects of the class include physical and vocal warm­ups, theater games, and cool downs celebrating successes of the day.
Students Who Can Benefit from Adaptive Music Classes:
Autism Spectrum Disorders, Non Verbal Learning Disorders, Down Syndrome, Tourette’s Syndrome, Williams Syndrome,
Sensory Integration Disorder, Other Moderate to High Functioning Developmental Disabilities, and those with Visual or Hearing Impairments.
*In addition to regularly scheduled classes at our own school locations, we also specialize in classes delivered offsite at our clients’ facilities. Each member of our CORI­ checked faculty brings previous experience working with people with needs, as well as a passion for the success of adaptive music education.*

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