Reviewing the IEP

Once you have received you child’s IEP in the mail, write down the date you received it.

  • Review each page of the IEP & ensure understanding
  • Notate any questions, perceived omissions, or discrepancies within each section
  • Decide your next steps:
    • You have 30 calendar days to respond to the school (inclusive of holidays)
    • It is in your best interest to review the IEP and contact the team chair about any issues that you understood differently from the team meeting
    • Changes can be made to the IEP as long as you respond within 30 calendar days.

Upon parental response to the proposed IEP and proposed placement, the school district shall implement all accepted elements of the IEP without delay.

Signing your child’s IEP

You have a 30 day review period so you should not sign your IEP until you have reviewed every page of your child’s IEP.  Communicate promptly with your Team chair if there are any differences as discussed and agreed upon at your Team meeting.

When you are ready to sign your child’s IEP, you have several options including agreeing in whole or in part & notating exceptions to the same.  You also have the right to request a meeting with the Team. Complete this step before the 30 day review period ends.

Unsigned IEP

If you do not sign your child’s proposed IEP within the 30 days the IEP has no legal significance.  An unsigned IEP can’t be implemented unless the school district implements them unilaterally. If you have an IEP from the previous school year, then the last signed IEP is in effect.  This is called StayPut.

The district must send all rejected, partially rejected or unsigned (following the 30th day) IEPs to the BSEA. Information about dispute resolution is then sent to the parents from the BSEA. The district cannot implement any new services or work on the new goals until the IEP is accepted by the parents.

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