504 Plan

A Section 504 (commonly referred to as a 504 Plan) is a plan designed to accommodate the unique needs of an individual with a disability, as required by the American with Disabilities Act (ADA).  Children who have disabilities, but whose disabilities do not interfere with their ability to progress in general education are not eligible for special education services and may be entitled to a Section 504 Accommodation Plan.

Depending upon the student’s individual needs, a school district may be required to provide the following: specialized instruction, modifications to the curriculum, accommodations in non-academic and extracurricular activities, adaptive equipment or assistive technology devices, an aide, assistance with health-related needs, school transportation, or other related services and accommodations.

How is a Section 504 Plan Similar to IEP?

  • Evaluation
  • Accommodation on standard testing
  • Related services to assist in accessing regular education
  • Appeals made to the Bureau of Special Education Appeals BSEA

How is a 504 Plan Different from an IEP?

  • No progress reporting
  • Limited discipline protections
  • No stay put

LDonline.com article about Understanding the Differences Between IDEA and Section 504

Additional External Resources

U.S. Department of Education Office for Civil Rights

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about Section 504 and the Education of Children with Disabilities

The Civil Rights of Students with Hidden Disabilities Under Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973



Great Schools: Parent Guide to Section 504


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