Problem Resolution

This system is used by parents when the school does not follow the law. Following are some examples of possible school system violations:

  • If you requested an evaluation and it is not being provided
  • School is providing you with information about the special education law,  that you believe is incorrect
  • Timelines have not been observed
  • IEP is not being implemented
  • My school does not have a parent advisory council (PAC).  (All public, charter, Mass. (old Chapter 766) approved private and residential schools are required by law to have parent advisory council).
  • My school team has not offered an IEP that meets my child’s needs.

The Department of Education (DOE) has a problem resolution system set up to quickly resolve disputes over noncompliance with special education law and to see that schools obey the law.  Another option is to file a complaint at the Federal level with Office of Civil Rights (OCR) instead of at the state level with the Department of Education (DOE), Program Quality Assurance (PQA) department.

Contact Problem Resolutions System Office at Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education

External Resources

Sample letters for parents that can be used when facing a number of situations. For example; writing to discuss a problem, requesting an evaluation, requesting your child’s records…

SPEDEx offers dispute resolution services for families


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