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Behavior Management

May also be referred to as a Behavior Intervention Plans (BIP) or Behavior Management Invention (BMI).

Once your child has been diagnosed with a disability and if behavior is an issue at school, immediately request a Functional Behavior Assessment (FBA). Wrightslaw Guide to Parents provides information on FBA and positive intervention.

The FBA should include all Team members. The FBA can be done by the school (school behaviorist) or by outside behaviorist. In either case the FBA report should be discussed at the Team meeting with the school.  The Behavior Modification Plan (BMP) should be part of your child’s IEP or as an attachment to the IEP.

A behavior plan should always address the ABC’s of behavior.

  • Antecedent (what was going on just before the behavior),
  • Behavior itself, and
  • Consequence (what happens as a result of the behavior).

Intervention Central provides details for educators on implementing a BMP. Able Differently also defines seven clinical modules of behavior problems.

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