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Psychiatrist/ Psychologist


  • Psychopharmacologists – focus on prescription medications (requires an M.D. degree).
  • Psychotherapy – focus some on medical issues, but more on how people think, react and cope. (requires an M.D. degree).

Some Psychiatrists will do both psycho-pharm and psychotherapy.

Psychologist  – a Ph.D., not MD (so they cannot prescribe meds.) their focus is how people think, grow and react.

Neuropsychologist – have predoctoral and postdoctoral training working with children who have acquired brain injury or neurodevelopmental disorders.

Practitioners (links provided by SEPAC members):

Deborah Pease, Ph.D.     (Lexington, MA)
Dr. James. Caron, Ed. D.     (Lexington, MA)
Jessie Pecchenino     (Acton, MA)    (978) 264-2952
Brian Cohen, LICSW     (Hudson, MA)
Theresa Garvin, LICSW     (Concord, MA)
Brian Reynolds, Ph. D.     (Concord, MA)  (978) 287-4300
Kevin Kozin, LICSW     (Lexington, MA)
Gerry Foo, Ph.D.     (Lexington, MA)
Noel Coakley, Counselor, LMHC, MEd, MA  (Brookline, MA, Newton, MA)

Dr. Karin Hodges, Psy. D., PLLC      (Concord, MA)      (978) 610-6919
William James Referral Service-

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