Our Schools (CPS/CCHS)


Concord Integrated Preschool

Janet O’Shea     joshea@concordps.org

SEPAC Liaison
Bryn HIlts     bryn.schuyler@gmail.com

Elementary Schools

Alcott School

Naomi Krakow       nkrakow@concordps.org

Assitant Principal
Judy Olsen     jolsen@concordps.org

SEPAC Liaison
Meridith Atkins      merfields@yahoo.com

Thoreau School

Angel Charles       acharles@concordps.org

Assistant Principal
Julie Basler     jbasler@concordps.org

SEPAC Liaison
Betsy Olsson-Mackowski     betsymackowski@gmail.com

Intensive Learning Program (ILP) Classroom Liaison
Carolyn Seery Blackham     carolynseery@gmail.com

Willard School

Matt Lucey           mlucey@concordps.org

Assistant Principal
Chris Price     cprice@concordps.org

SEPAC Liaison
Sarah Bettencourt     bettencourt.sarah@gmail.com

Middle School

Concord Middle School

Justin Cameron     jcameron@concordps.org

Assistant Principals
Olive Bradford (Peabody)     obradford@concordps.org
Tyler Steffey (Sanborn)     tsteffey@concordps.org

Special Education Team Chair
Laura Brande     lbrande@concordps.org

Special Education Department Chair
Larissa Vincent     lvincent@concordps.org

Peabody SEPAC Liaison
Lori Robertson.    lori.s.robertson@gmail.com

Sanborn SEPAC Liaison
Tracey Marano    traceymarano@yahoo.com

High School

Concord-Carlisle Regional High School

Michael Mastrullo     mmastrullo@concordcarlisle.org

Assistant Principals
Brian Miller     bmillier@concordcarlisle.org
Kathryn Stahl     kstahl@concordcarlisle.org

Special Education Department Chair
Erin Pineau     epineau@concordcarlisle.org

Special Education Team Chair
Jared Wickham     jwickham@concordcarlisle.org

SEPAC Liaison
Tracey Marano     traceymarano@yahoo.com

Pathways Liaison

CCHS 18-22 Program Liaison

Out Of District

OOD Coordinator
Marielle Wintersteen      mwintersteen@concordps.org


Interim Director of Student Services, (PreK-22)
Debbie Dixson
Ripley Building
120 Meriam Road
Concord, MA 01742
978-341-2490 x1105 or x1106

School Committee
SEPAC Liaison
Eva Mostoufi     carlisleparent73@gmail.com
Alexa Anderson   alexabanderson@gmail.com

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